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Our Vision and Values


Our vision is summarised by the phrase:

Rooted in the Father’s love

Growing in the power of the Spirit

Reaching out with the love of Jesus   


This is represented by a ‘prophetic picture’ together with a longer statement:


As a church we seek to be a loving, worshipping, healing community which is:

Putting down roots deep into the Father’s love

•being established in Him, 

•growing in knowledge of Him, 

•and finding security in Him. 

Growing in the power of the Holy Spirit

•developing in the gifts He gives us,

•bearing the fruit of faithful lives,

• and looking to Him to breathe His life into all that we seek to do. 

Reaching out with the love of Jesus

•planting the hope of the Gospel in the area of Highwoods through acts of service and by sharing His love. 


Our logo also speaks ‘prophetically’ of our purpose for being church














When we were first planted as a church an important scripture was Isaiah 61:3.

“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendour.”
As we moved into the Community Centre and then changed our name to St Luke’s another scripture that impacted us was Revelation 22:2
 “The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.”
The oak leaf represents the scriptures above – whilst the cross shows that it is only by the power of the cross of Christ we can live out our vision. We seek to live under the ‘shadow of the cross.’


This is just a brief explanation of a much bigger story of God’s guidance to us.

At St Luke’s we value such things as:
- Informality in style whilst keeping Jesus at the centre.
- Modern worship songs for celebration and also intimate encounter with God.
- Ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit in a way that respects a persons dignity.
- Fun, food and fellowship.
- Diversity and unity.
- Outward looking and prepared to experiment with ways of being church.

A ‘Potted History’ of St Luke’s
- St Luke’s was known as Highwoods Church when it was first planted from St John’s Church
- In 1992 we first began meeting in Highwoods Primary School. 
- In April 1998 we moved for regular Sunday worship to the new Community Centre (with children’s work continuing in the primary school). 
- In September 1999 we were led by God to the new name of St Luke’s as a means of deepening our identity and sense of purpose as a Church.

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